Kosovo: The Bear Essentials

I really hope someone is going to enter me in a charades competition when I get home.  My rendition of bear sanctuary had everyone in stitches at the Pristina bus station. Well..sometimes if google translate isn’t hitting the mark and no one speaks English and your limited grasp of the language doesn’t cover the subject […]

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Macedonia – I protest!

I knew I was going to like Macedonia’s capital Skopje as soon as I got in the bus and the driver handed me a chocolate bar. To say I was happy to see the bus was an understatement.  I had left it rather late in the day to visit the St John the Forerunner Bigorski Monastery […]

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Macedonia – Mountain rescue

Macedonia is known for its mountains.  It is covered with them (80% roughly) and hiking is therefore a very popular pastime.  One of my goals for my visit was to climb Magaro Peak in the beautiful Galicica NP and so it was that I set out one beautiful clear morning to do just that.  Unfortunately […]

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Back on the borderline

For some strange reason it often seems to be border crossing days that are just that little bit more unusual and/or challenging and take me back to my ‘old school’ travels. Take today for instance.  From my research it appeared that there were no buses to the border but one could get a taxi on each side […]

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Antarctica visit tips

  Thinking of taking a trip to the chilly continent?  Before you start planning, check out these handy tips.   Trip choice There are SO many types of trip to Antarctica, so many different routes and durations that it can be really hard to choose. I would recommend looking well in advance of when you […]

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